Welcome to House of Movement!

Strong body, low shoulders and good energy!

Welcome to the studio for pilates, yoga and exercise in Stavanger!

House of Movement is the place for you, if you appreciate doing pilates or yoga in small groups or with personal trainer. This is for you if you want skilled instructors to ensure that YOU as a client are always in focus, and if you see value in quality over quantity.

For us, good HEALTH is one of the most precious things we have. If you agree, you are probably ready to join us:-)

You will feel SAFE, when you have the attention of skilled trainers who are knowledgeable. Also the fact that you will always be in smaller groups, will make you feel looked after by us. This is your time for yourself – enjoy it!

HIGH QUALITY is one of our characteristics. All the equipment we have is of the best quality. We have beautiful premises, changing rooms with towels and freshly ground coffee after your morning workout. The atmosphere makes your shoulders drop, and makes you want to come back for more.

RESULTS? Yes, you will see and feel it! We find that most people are motivated by getting a strong and healthy body, along with lower stress levels, rather than getting big biceps. Please feel free to contact us about what your goals are for your training, in order for us to guide you.

A LIFESTYLE with movement and exercise in everyday life must happen, for you to achieve your goals. Training in yoga or pilates, can  provide you with something extra, such as better coping skills, being able to overcome challenges and workouts which are varied every time you visit. With us the possibilities we offer are endless!

– Choose your membership so that you can easily get great training routines and make the most of our offers. Welcome to the House of Movement!

Ready to get started?

We offer a variety of open classes and personal training. The level and intensity ranges from rehabilitation to athletic exercise.

If you are new to pilates and yoga, we recommend starting with a course or private sessions. This way you will get the basic technique, and be able to work out safely and effectively. Especially before joining classes on the reformer apparatus, we recommend you are familiar with the setting up of the apparatus and how to use it safely.

If you would like to do a trial class, we recommend you do a pilates or yoga class on the mat. Book your trial class on the app.

When joining the studio, you can choose to purchase a block of classes or a membership. Download the app «house of movement» to see your choices under «buy» .

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on post@houseofmovment.no

Welcome in!